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Full Name: Aurora Claire Scarlette
Nickname: Aura
Birthdate: February 14 1836
Gender: Female
Birthstone: Amethyst
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Astrological Sign: Crown
Blood Type: B
Height: 5'4" [164 cm.]
Measurements: 34-22-36" [87-57-93 cm.]
Cup Size: C
Weight: 127 lbs. [88.5 kg.]
Age: 13
Alliance: Half Shinigami and Half Demon
Eye Color(s): Dark Green when a reaper and Crimson red when a demon.
Hair Type(s):Long layered black hair with purple streaks when a demon and Long wavy purple
hair with ribbons when she's a shinigami.
Hair Color(s): Black with purple streaks in the upper bangs,Purple waves when she's in reaper form.
Scythe: Umbrella
Food Preference: Anything that her butler serves her.
Contract With: Sebastian Michaelis (Her sister sold her soul to him)
Seal Placement: Her neck.
Ring: The shard of hope which Drocell gave her.

Likes: Being with Drocell, Hitting Grell on the head,Making fun of William and Alan.
Dislikes: Being all alone with William, looked down upon or underestimated, Being teased.
Dress: Aura usually wears Lolita style dresses and likes to wear hats,She usually wears dresses with different patterns and fluffy cloth.

Personality: Aura is quite a person who hates too much paperwork and she usually dislikes staying at Will's apartment, She's also someone who hates looking back at the past and she prefers looking to the future,She has a twin named Jane who sold Aura's soul to Sebastian before Aura killed her. She hates her mother and twin sister but she loves her father dearly.
She's also in love with Drocell whom she brought back to life and made him her butler.

Negative Attributes: When she could no longer control her anger,She tends to eat the soul of her enemy and she usually becomes violent and barbaric, Her innocent purple eyes turn demonic with slit pupils when she says " I am a demon and a reaper." She also tends to kill people who hurt her servants.

Background: Supposedly left by her mother and the death of her beloved father made her quite a rotten sadist who always have nightmares. She doesn't like sleeping alone and always requests Drocell to sleep with her. Despite her feelings for him,She never approaches him Seductively nor violately. Despite being a demon herself, She despises being one and usually disobeys Sebastian and calls him "Idiotic Master" But since her sister gave her (aura) soul to him, She's forced to do all his commands.
She's also a type of person who has 3 forms- Human,Demon and Reaper.


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